Sport & Mental Health

At Debbie Smith Therapies we recognise that in order to reach your optimum level of functioning you need to have good mental health. This need is without exclusion, once you are struggling psychologically all things are negatively affected, whether that’s your relationships, your workplace or your hobbies.

Often the more high achieving you are in life, the more you might feel that you should manage your psychological well-being alone. This certainly is not a helpful way to approach your challenges.

Throughout the last year, there has been a great deal of positive media attention on well-being and mental health. This was massively helped by well-known personalities such as Prince William & Harry and Rio Ferdinand talking publically about their own experiences and struggles. Their biggest conclusion being that it helps to talk to someone about things.

The Professional Football Association (PFA) announced that as awareness of the issue grows, footballers seeking help for mental health issues, is on the rise.

In response to this Debbie Smith Therapies receives referrals from the PFA and works supporting current and ex professional football players in dealing with their issues and reaching their optimum.

This type of psychological support has also worked well with other professional sports men and women. Along with individual men and women who are determined to be their best in their; work, home and hobbies.