Psychotherapy / Therapy

Psychotherapy is also a specific type of therapy. It may also be described as psychoanalytic or psychodynamic. Psychotherapy is a more in-depth form of therapy than counselling, and potentially CBT, and a psychotherapist can use it to address a wider range of issues.

A process of psychotherapy can help you explore your thoughts, feelings and beliefs, which may involve discussing past events, such as those from your childhood.

They’ll help you consider how your personality and life experiences influence your current thoughts, feelings, relationships, and behaviour. This understanding should enable you to deal with difficult situations more effectively.

Depending on your problem, psychotherapy can be short or long term. Some people may engage in the in-depth analysis that psychotherapy provides for decades, they may also attend up to three times per week, although this isn’t always necessary to achieve the necessary insight and progress.

Typical issues that respond well to psychotherapy are: child sexual abuse, trauma, self-harming, addictive behaviours, perversions, abusive relationships, and extreme anger.

The goal of attending psychotherapy would be to work on resolving deep-seated issues that you are likely to have been carrying with you since childhood. It is intensive work and can be extremely rewarding and liberating, often equipping someone with huge emotional resilience.

We have specialist practices in Northampton, Milton Keynes, London and other surrounding areas. Additionally we can offer online psychotherapist sessions for those who are further afield or are struggling to make it to a practice.

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