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Announcing an innovative online psychological therapy solution.

At last somewhere you can get psychological help, from experienced psychologists, without needing to travel to a clinic, you can access therapy via video link at a time that suits you from wherever suits you.


Some of the benefits of online therapy

  • you may feel more comfortable to talk openly in a space that is familiar to you
  • you can choose a therapist that is experienced in your particular issue
  • cutting out travel and parking saves you time and money
  • it might be difficult with work and family commitments to be able to access face to face therapy
  • you will not need to offer explanations to your boss or colleagues


Just 3 simple steps:

Identify your Symptom

Choose a therapist

Choose a plan that suits you

We are proud to be launching our brand new service that is wholly dedicated to online therapy, Your MindSmith will bring a new way of accessing psychological support. We are your solution!



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We are a growing private practice and in order to support more adults in the Northamptonshire, Leicestershire, Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire areas, we need more psychologists.

Do you have a ‪professional approach and a wish to choose your hours of work to fit around another role, or your family commitments? If yes, we have an exciting career opportunity waiting for you.

The opportunity to work on a sessional basis with motivated and interesting clients, to extend your clinical experience and build confidence in working within a private therapy setting, it’s all here waiting for you

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This month sees the launch of a new online stress management course. The course is an eight-week programme. Six weeks of the course are completely online, they are delivered to you each week with work set to do during the days in-between tuning in. On completion of the six weeks you will have the opportunity of two sessions with Dr Debbie Smith, these are held via WebEx or Skype.

The result is a solution to your everyday intrusive symptoms such as: sleep intrusion, headaches and impatience. By following the course you will improve insight into the triggers to your stress, acquire a set of techniques and strategies to manage your symptoms and identify the potential underlying issues that are feeding your symptoms of stress. Leading to a life free of intrusive stress.

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